Shar Pei

The Chinese Shar Pei pictures we use to make Shar Pei gifts are created from exclusive dog breed art by Gone Doggin, your source for Shar Pei dog breed gifts for dog lovers. Our unique dog gifts are high quality breed specific dog lover gifts, accurately depicting the dog breed standards. This makes our Shar Pei gifts and merchandise truly unique and highly collectible.

Shar Pei Information – The Shar Pei is a very ancient dog breed originating from China. They are easily recognizable due to their heavily wrinkled head and body profile. This breed was used primarily as a multipurpose farm dog, guarding, herding and hunting vermin. The Sar Pei is very intelligent but often stubborn and requires dog training at an early age when possible. When trained properly they become devoted family members but usually remain leery of strangers.


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